Tips from Dads

Dads have a unique perspective on taking care of preemies. Here are a few tips from other Dads to help you out:

* Use exercise and massage as a way to interact with your preemie. It helps connect with the baby and gives you some "Dad time" while helping build muscle tone for the baby.

* Let Mom rest while you feed the baby if your baby is bottle fed.

* Try different ways of holding your preemie, you probably won't do it the same way as your wife but that's okay because the baby knows its you holding them.

* Keep a journal of what's going on. Write down how much your baby weighed today, what the doctor told you, or the latest achievement of your preemie.

* Be strong for your family when you have to be, but make sure you talk about your grief and fears as well.

* Asked to be addressed as well, so all instructions and information do not get directed solely to just mom.

* Take one day at a time.

* Participate in kangaroo care with your baby

The above information has been reprinted with permission from one of our Spotlight Preemie Support Groups: Preemies Today
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