RSV Awareness Campaign

2003/04 campaign

In order to highlight that RSV can be serious and that the virus is easily spread within families, PreemieCare’s campaign is entitled “Harmless? Ask Your Doctor About RSV.” We want parents to know that something as innocent as an older sibling kissing an at-risk infant can spread RSV. While it is important for older siblings to bond with the new baby, they need to learn that they can help protect their new brother or sister by washing their hands before touching the baby and staying away from the baby if they have a cold.

This season, we’re excited to be working with pediatrician and author Dr. Bill Sears. Dr. Bill has been interviewed by many parenting magazines and newspapers on the subject of RSV. He wants everyone to know that RSV is a critical pediatric healthcare issue and that the increase in the rate of premature births will likely result in an increased number of infants that are more susceptible to serious RSV disease.

“It’s the little things that can help make a difference,” says Dr. Bill. ”Parents of at-risk infants can take simple precautions to help reduce their baby’s risk of RSV, such as requiring people who come in contact with the baby to wash their hands before touching the baby, avoiding visits to crowded places, limiting exposure to people with colds or fevers, and avoiding second-hand smoke. And, most important, talk to your pediatrician about how you can protect your baby from RSV.”

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